Hello Fresh! My Review

So many of us have such hectic lives and sometimes the meal planning gets lost in the shuffle of day to day activities. My husband and I have tried sitting down on Sunday's and making a list of what meals we are going to eat for the week, and it has worked sometimes. But meal prep is essential to meal planning, so if we don't get around to meal prep for the week, then that idea was becomes flop for the week.

So we decided to give Hello Fresh a chance! We have now ordered two times from them and have been over all satisfied with the portions, quality and freshness of food, and the neat dishes we would have never thought about making!

Your ingredients come to you in a large box with an ice pack in it to keep the contents cold. When you open the box, each meal is individuality packaged in a paper bag.

Each meal has it's own direction card that tells you exactly how to prepare and make your meal.

Me, being a Pescatarian, some of the meals I do have to switch out with something else just for me, but my husband and my boys eat the complete meal. They do offer vegetarian options, so if you are a vegetarian you are in luck!

The directions are very easy to follow and everything is explained very well.

Here is one of the dishes we had last week! So overall I do like Hello Fresh. It fits well with our family of four as far as portions. It is a little pricey I think, but that is the compromise i guess! Let me know if you have tried Hello Fresh! I would love to hear your feedback!

Brieanna is a mama of two boys that keep her very busy! When she is not busy being a mom and owner of LeesburgMoms, she enjoys blogging, horseback riding, playing violin, and being a Realtor!

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