Shenandoah Discovery Museum

Hi fellow moms! I hope your holiday season is off to a good start. We recently had family visit and discovered probably one of the best museums we've ever been too for children. Have you heard of the Shenandoah Discovery Museum? It’s an hour from Leesburg, located in Winchester, and definitely worth the ride. Whether you have a need to get out and explore, escape the cold weather, or try something new, this museum won’t disappoint. Free under the age 2, and $9 for above, this four floor museum is a fun time for all. Just a few things to list; there’s a climb on ambulance, and opportunity to learn about health through fun activities. A high climbing maze to navigate your way through. An apple tree orchard to collect apples in buckets and use their fun pulley system. Blocks, legos, and water tables with hours of fun. Ramps with balls, and actual honeybees to watch make honey. A Native American hut with man made beds and pretend cooking food. A construction area with hard hats and large foam blocks. And much much more! There are so many activities throughout the museum that will keep your child engaged. There’s even a roof top with more hands on experiences. Be sure to bring a lunch and enjoy the scenery throughout your drive. Located in the heart of the Shenandoah mountains, in the adorable town Winchester, this is probably the best hands on museum for children of all ages.

Melissa is a mother of one boy, and enjoys the outdoors, playdates, blogging, and spending quality time with her family. She moved to Northern Virginia 2 years ago from NY. Leesburg is where she is raising her family.

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