Valentines Day activities to do with your kids

February is the month of Valentines Day, so what types of things can you do with your child on this love themed holiday? Parents can make the day extraordinary for their kids (and vice versa) as well through thoughtful ways to show our appreciation of one another. Kids excitedly await Valentine’s Day as well. Cards, treats, maybe a class party! Here are a few ideas that you can do with your children!

Pamper: For under $18 you can give your daughter Klutz’s Nail Art, which comes with mini-polishes and lots of ideas for fun, DIY manicures that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Watch: If you allow yourself enough time, Netflix has a handful of Valentine’s Day flicks for kids. You can add Clifford’s Be My Big Red Valentine, Miss Spider’s Happy Heartwood Day, or Elmo Loves You! to your queue or watch Be My Valentine, Love Barney instantly.

Share: Cards of course! Whether you make your own cards or opt for a box set for handing out at school, or with family members!

Bake: Adorable cookies! Get heart shaped cookie cutters and different color icing and get creative with cookie decorating!

Let your kids know your love is with them all day: by tucking little construction paper hearts with love notes into their backpack, lunch, jacket pocket, etc for them to find throughout the day.

And of course there is always Pintrest! Check out all of the neat ideas that are on there! There are so many ideas on there as well as craft and activity ideas!


Brieanna is a mama of two boys that keep her very busy! When she is not busy being a mom and owner of LeesburgMoms, she enjoys blogging, horseback riding, playing violin, and being a Realtor!

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